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Low Fidelity Wireframes

Option 1: Sign-Up Modal

Option 2: Sign-Up Modal

Option 1: Sign-Up Form

Option 2: Sign-Up Form 

The low fidelity wireframes to create cache system with the forms create a form system that wouldn't overwhelm the mental load of the user. The initial website was a redesign of a update unified website 

Mid to High Fidelity Wireframes

Welcome Page Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

Mid-Fidelity Homepage Wireframe

Example of the Report Processing Section

High-Fidelity Form

High-Fidelity Home Page

High-Fidelity FAQ Page

After the first round of feedback, I started the mid-fidelity wireframes. I stared with a greyscale with a splash of the orange accent color to make design callbacks to the original website. The high-fidelity wireframes came the easiest because they were essentially the finishing touches on a product the client already approved. 

The Process

The NASA Close Call Reporting System needed a preliminary redesign for the developers to later code. The higherups didn't know what direction they wanted to take the design in, but they needed something quick. Thus, I dived right into organizing the material I needed to create and getting design feedback on for the final design. 

The first step was creating a content inventory of all the pages that I could find. This led to questions about what content the team actually wanted on the website and how it should be organized. 

User Groups

Employee and managers of train and carrier companies that wish to report dangerous activity that they need NASA to confirm and hold their company countable.

  • Transportation  safety boards

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Law enforcement

Project Overview

NASA C3Rs website Redesign-

NASA Close Call Reporting System (C3RS)


The Close Call Reporting System is designed to improve railroad safety by collecting and analyzing reports which describe unsafe conditions and events in the railroad industry.


Matt Scheyler Project Manager


Digital Product Design, Research, Brand Identity


Adobe Creative Suite (Visuals), Sketch (Wireframes & Prototypes)

The Problem

The NASA C3RS Close Call Reporting System needed an updated design and a more concise navigation system so users could report unsafe conditions quickly and efficiently. 

For this project, I led the redesign of the NASA C3RS Close Call Reporting System website in a surge support role. First, I conducted a website content inventory, recommended an updated style guide, and formulated low, mid, and high fidelity website prototypes  that had a consistent responsive design using bootstrap for the client under a month deadline. 


The Solution

For this project, I was the UX Designer who:

  • For this project, I was the UX Designer who:

  • Created an accessible style guide for developers 

  • Conducted a competitive analysis with insights

  • Produced low, mid, and high-fidelity wireframes

  • Advised design decisions using accessibility & research 

  • Finalized a responsive website design

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