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Project Overview

NLM & NIH Redesign-

National Institute of Health CDE Repository &

National Library of Medicine


The NIH Common Data Elements (CDE) Repository provides access to structured human and machine-readable definitions of data elements that have been recommended or required by NIH Institutes and Centers and other organizations for use in research.


Project Manager


Digital Product Design, Research, Brand Identity


Adobe Creative Suite (Visuals), Sketch (Wireframes & Prototypes)

The client had some specific requirements: 

- Their UX Designer had to be proficient in 508 Compliance and Accessibility standards. 

- Developers need to be able to understand the recommended Style Guide

- An Analysis of accessibility needs to be conducted on the current website and continuing design questions need to be answered for customizability


The client's questions on color contrast and layout informed my recommendations for the Style Guide, Menu System, and the Homepage Layout. 

Below are my findings identifying where the gaps in accessibility were in their style guide and where other government websites stood in their color contrast. 

The Problem

The National Library of Medicine needed a new and updated website so researchers could find information about participants easily. 

The Solution

For this project, I was the UX Specialist who:

  • Created a cohesive set of brand guidelines

  • Utilized comparative research with insights

  • Created a 508 compliant style guide with USWD standards

  • Produced low, mid, and high-fidelity wireframes

  • Advised design decisions using accessibility & research 

  • Finalized a responsive website design

  • Presented a working prototype in Invision to a satisfied client 

The Final Design

The final design was a slightly modified version of the USWDS Website Guidelines. The client loved the recommendations I made, and users are now able to navigate the menu with ease. The new website was able to be coded in just a few weeks, so the client was also impressed by the speed we delivered the product. 

This is the final homepage design that the client approved. The live website can be found here

The new menu design I recommended enabled users to log in without any reported frustration. Plus, because I helped to make the website 508 compliant, users could navigate the menu without a mouse. 

I expanded the color selection in the style guide and clarified which colors should be used where in the Navigation Bar. The developers were able to take my design specifications exactly and make the website just. like the client wanted. 

These are all the recommended Colors and Typography used throughout the website. The developers were able to use this palette to highlight information adding an easy information architecture.

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