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Project Overview

USAA Internship-

Property and Casualty Claims Team


My Contributions


Researched and created a storyboard documenting USAA’s app to streamline accident claims.

Icon Design:

Prototyped and finalized three new icons representing an SUV, a truck, and a document, that USAA permanently adopted into their icon library.

UX Research:

Honed note-taking skills by participating in user interviews for customers by documenting their experiences.


David Karle - Design Director

Kinkel Rowan - Producer

Karl Erickson - Lead Designer

Elizabeth Guerrero - Senior Designer

Chelsea-Nicole Mojica - Designer II

Andrew Davisson - Designer II


Storyboarding, Research, Brand Identity


Adobe Creative Suite (Visuals), Ipad Pro (Illustrations)


Drafting the Vision-

My teammates, Kinkel Rowan and David Karle had this new app concept for users to use an app to document their claims after getting into a car accident. This app would ultimately help users send over the photos of their accident to be evaluated. My managers needed me to illustrate the potential screen design of the app so we could influence USAA business partners to approve the app for development. 



The team gave me their preliminary drawings, and I further conceptualized and elaborated on their ideas by adding characters that portrayed the frustration of the users. I also added potential screens that the designers and engineers might later want to add.

Here are my first sketches of drafting how the storyboard style and the images would appear. 


Whiteboarding Session

Next came the Whiteboarding Session where I gained valuable feedback on my storyboarding ideas. During this process, I learned who the stakeholders were, and how to collaborate with a multidisciplinary design team.


Below, you can see some notes that my teammates added. We also rearranged some of the screens to better fit the timeline. 


Project Outcome

For several weeks,  I designed several versions of the storyboards and selected the ones that most closely matched the suggestions and feedback.

My work paid off. The client love the story, understood the vision, and the app concept went straight into development. 


What I learned 

Its important to understand how to communicate to business partners and help them understand the idea. less is always more and the drawings don't always need to be fully rendered or fleshed out whats important is how do you visualize and tell the story to someone.


Drafting the Vision

The USAA need new and improved icons for their Design Language System which included 4 icons such as a

  1. Document

  2. Car

  3. Truck

  4. SUV



What I learned 

icons need equal balance of positive and negative spacing. Having the icons fit in a square give the max pixels to the best consistency of the icon. its also important to have the most eye catching element in an icon. Details are not as important to an icon than it is to a graphic image.

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